arran ferry and goatfell

Community Survey Results

Overall, there many positive takeaways from this: many people are satisfied with the information and help they have received, they have spent more time focusing on environmental concerns, and they have used the lockdown to be kinder to themselves.

  1. People recognise that the economy is essential for Arran but need assurance that health will remain a priority.
  1. There’s an agreement that people want to feel more positive about tourism.
  2. People are missing their loved ones and it’s affecting their mental health.
  3. People who are self employed are more likely to have little or no help from government funds, or know what help is available.
  1. There is a perception that lockdown has reversed environmental damage to Arran.
  1. People want to feel safe, whether that’s economically or physically. The fear of uncertainty was felt in equal measures by residents who were suffering financially and those suffering physically



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