Sources of Information

1) Knowledge from all of the above.

2) STEAM report for Arran 2019.

2) CalMac actual capacity data for 2019.

3) Questionnaire May/June 2020; 900 respondents or 20% of the population.


COVID-19 has effectively closed travel and tourism . Restrictions will  not be removed before a vaccine is available (12 months plus). Tourist revenue is the primary income for Arran and will be reduced by at least 80% for this fiscal year.

Recovery Plan

Develop a Recovery Plan which balances the three main strands of Island life, Community, Environment and Economy through each stage of recovery, underpinned by National and local HSCP guidance. The Plan must show how the community will be safe, responsible and sustainable, while managing risk.


The Recovery Plan will be informed by consultation with the Community on Arran. The objective being to achieve the widest possible consensus.

Business Dilemma

Social Distancing will reduce Ferry & Business Capacity

Community expenditure cannot support most Island Business. Current Ferry Capacity means there will be no viable tourism in 2020. Unless capacity and the Government support package changes dramatically, Businesses have to decide if they can afford to borrow to survive or stop trading. This is an evolving situation.