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Arran COVID 19 Summary 1

Arran Covid-19 Recovery Plan Summary:


Summary Conclusions: ( Based on SG Route Map )


Critical Issues needing escalation to support opening the Island:


  • Credibility of Islands Bill determined by response to issues outlined below.
  • Ferry Capacity restrictions threaten £69m income and 1516 jobs and civil liberties. Need minimum of 50% of 2019 passenger capacity July onward.
  • Auchrannie starts Employee Consultation Process while continuing to seek increased Ferry Capacity and/or Government support.
  • Outcomes from 2 and 3 determines need for Island Survival Plan.

Critical Path: Ferry Capacity impact on Business and Civil Rights.


Information/guidelines from the SG suggests public transport will be restricted to 10 to 15% of current capacity. CalMac do nothing to suggest the numbers will be significantly higher. We need passenger ferry capacity at a minimum of 50% of the 2019 passenger levels from July onward. This assumes there will be no Day Visitors and only: Locals, VFF, and Staying Visitors. Same commercial traffic as 2019.


To be clear, capacity levels being discussed by CalMac will mean that there is NO VIABLE TOURIST INDUSTRY ON ARRAN and at worst, an ongoing restricted service for the community with possible infringement on HUMAN RIGHTS.


In this event, Local and Scottish Government need to immediately establish an  ‘Island Survival Plan’. The soft and hard infrastructure that supports this £69m industry employing 1516 workers will not survive a 12 month shut down.


The Route Map to recovery operates on the Island but ferry capacity constraints do not allow most Island business to operate, in any practical sense. This contravenes the spirit and legal framework of the Islands Bill and needs urgently addressed.


Who are the Arran Recovery Group.?


Arran Recovery Group: Leaders from the following organisations: Health and Social Care Partnership, Community Council, Visit Arran, Auchrannie, Taste of Arran, Eco Savvy, Arran Development Trust, North Ayrshire Council support, Local Councillor, Head of Arran High School, ACVS, Arran Ferry Committee, Arran Economic Group.


Sources of information:


1) Knowledge from all of the above.

2) STEAM report for Arran 2019.

2) CalMac actual capacity data for 2019.

3) Questionnaire May/June 2020; 900 respondents or 20% of the population.


Tom Tracey

June 5nd 2020


Summary Information on the plan: 


COVID-19 has effectively closed travel and tourism . Restrictions will  not be removed before a vaccine is available (12 months plus). Tourist revenue is the primary income for Arran and will be reduced by 80% for this fiscal year.

Recovery Plan:

Develop a Recovery Plan which balances the three main strands of Island life, Community, Environment and Economy through each stage of recovery, underpinned by National and local HSCP guidance. The Plan must show how the community will be safe, responsible and sustainable, while managing risk.


The Recovery Plan will be informed by consultation with the Community on Arran. The objective being to achieve the widest possible consensus

Business Dilemma:(Social Distancing will reduce Ferry & Business Capacity)

Community expenditure cannot support most Island Business. Visitor numbers will be restricted by Ferry and Test Track and Trace capacity. This number will allow business to decide if there is enough visitor income to support a restart. In addition, the number could reduce to zero if there is a significant outbreak of Covid-19.


  • Ferry Capacity is the primary constraint and will influence most reset actions.


Restart Suggestions: Scottish Government Route Map, used unless Island dispensation given. Dates are indicative only. ‘Reset’ must be achieved.


  • May/June: Arran for Arran: Current Business + Garden Centres, Refuse recycling , Road and Path works,
  • Social: As is + Golfing, Fishing , Boating, Bowls.


  • July: Arran to Mainland: Current plus defined trips for adults and accompanied under 16’s. (This has still to be asked for and agreed).


  • Mid July/August: Visitors to Arran: (Priorities developed with more info.)


  • VFF/Self -Catering/Second Home-owners.


  • Hotels , Restaurants, B&B’s and Guest Houses


  • Campsites:(Need to asses the impacts of Caravans/Campervans on capacity


  • No Day Trippers this year.



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