ARG Actions June 10th 2020

Action List from our meeting: Updated 10 June:

First thing is to agree that I have captured, and we all understand the actions. Then to provide dates. Then to monitor and progress.

Update means pass any relevant material to the group or give short verbal update at the meeting.

Open means I do not have a date or this is no date.

In process means I know a date exists and work is ongoing but I do not have a date.

Also, need some help in GANTT charting this.

1.AFC a   Determine Island Ferry priorities.Update June 12th

b   Determine Ferry, Service and total capacity.Update June 12th

2.HSCP   Determine checks prior to Boarding Ferry:Open

3. AD.     Investigate Support for PR Crisis Management.Done

b  Investigate use of Community Wealth Building Fund resources.Open

c  Investigate use of Consultancy.Done

4 KB/BC/AD/VY/SG/JK: Integrate Survey Findings into Reset/Restart.  Update 12th

5 TT and above: Create The Arran Recovery Plan incorporating 8,9,10. 19th  June

6 ACVS Create actionable data from the qualitative survey analysis. In Process

b   Create a contact mailing list from the survey.Open

7.ACVS/HSCP: Identify appropriate training and support material for probable  increased mental health issues. In Process

8 JK/TT  Create simple summary from the quantitative survey data.Done

9 AD/JM’G/TT Create Island business template to define the business ask.  Done

10)  SG Issue Template to Businesses.Done

11) CB/JK/SB Create Soft/Hard infrastructure ask. Update June12th

12) LJ/AD/TT Organise Meeting with Ministers.  Done

13) LJ/AD/TT Organise and Issue a Press Release. Done







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